Everything on the menu is small dishes, we recommend 3-4 dishes per person for a full meal

If you are allergic to/ can't stand gluten or have celiaki we are very sorry but we use a lot of ingredients that have gluten in them so Ling Long might not be the place for you. The same goes for those who have allergies with chili, garlic and onions.

Our dinner menu is available as takeaway. Call 08 54503953 or place your order through our webpage at Take Away


  • 65 kr

    Sichuan pepper & gochugaro

  • 85 kr
    Corn poppers

    wild garlic mayo


  • 120 kr
    Avocado & Greens

    jalapeno, spring onion, potato swirl

  • 125 kr

    crispy tempeh, peanut sauce, apple, raw roots

  • 130 kr
    Trout Tataki

    dried ginger, lime dashi, cress

  • 130
    Beef Tartar

    kimchi base, sweet daikon, trout roe

Steamed & Crispy

  • 105 kr
    Cauliflower tempura

    dried tomato, ginger dressing

  • 135 kr
    Bang Bang

    oumph, cucumber, sesame dressing, peanuts

  • 135
    Chicken Karaage

    katsuboushi mayo, mirin, pickled fried chili

  • 125 kr

    forest mushroom, cabbage, coconut foam


  • 135 kr

    beluga lentils, onion, papadums

  • 105 kr
    Pla Rad Prik Aubergine

    tamarind, kombu, shiitake

  • 185 kr
    Swedish Dry Aged Beef

    habanero, marcona almonds, chives

  • 125 kr
    Red braised pork

    ribs, aromatic soy, five spice


  • 85 kr
    Mock Eel

    shiitake and oyster mushroom, soy, ginger

  • 85 kr
    Miso corn

    corn, miso, brown butter

  • 70 kr
    Som tam Salad

    green papaya, lime, dried shrimp

  • 65 kr
    Stir fry

    savoy cabbage, fermented beans, bean paste

  • 30 kr
    Jasmine rice
  • 70 kr
    Fried Rice

    vegan kimchi, sichuan pepper

  • 20
    Glass noodles


  • 45 kr
    Ginger sorbet
  • 45 kr
    Miso Ice Cream
  • 55 kr
    Cambodian Doughnuts
  • 55 kr
    Vegan coconut pudding with berry compote
  • 45 kr
    Chocolate wafer with white chocolate ganache
  • 35 kr
  • 35 kr
    Vegan truffle

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