All of our dishes are medium sized, in our opinion sharing is caring. Therefore we recommend sharing multiple dishes within your party.

If you are allergic/sensitive to gluten or have celiaki we are very sorry, Ling Long might not be the best place for you to dine at. The same goes for those with allergies such as chili, garlic, soy, legumes and onion.


  • 95 kr

    sichuan pepper & gochugaro

  • 95 kr
    Corn Poppers

    ginger emulsion


  • 190 kr
    Tuna tataki

    sweet-sour glaze, charred cucumber

  • 175 kr
    Wheat Noodles

    chili crisp, black beans, cucumber, peanuts

  • 185 kr
    Beef Tartar

    hand cut beef, kimchi mayo, spiced soy, pickled daikon, fried tapioca

Steamed & Crispy

  • 165 kr
    Cauliflower Tempura

    dried tomato, korean bbq dressing

  • 165 kr
    Steamed Blue Mussels

    chili crisp, fermented lemon veloute

  • 175 kr
    Bang Bang

    pulled chicken or oomph, cucumber, sesam dressing, peanuts

  • 180 kr
    Mushroom Dumpling

    forest mushrooms, cabbage, tofu, coconut foam

  • 185 kr
    Ling Long Baozi

    chicken, spiced sake, sweet & sour bean sauce


  • 185 kr
    Lamb Sausage

    lemon grass, gochugaru, kimchi, apple ketchup, citrus mayonnaise

  • 185 kr
    Red Braised Pork Ribs

    aromatic soy, five spice

  • 185 kr
    Chicken Katsu

    shredded cabbage, noun cham dressing, aromatic soy

  • 175 kr
    Thousand Years Tofu

    crispy tofu, pak choi, leek, sweet and spicy sauce

  • 160 kr
    Stir Fry

    pak shoi, sugar snap, carrot, crispy garlic, sesame, black beans


  • 75 kr
    Miso Corn

    corn, miso, brown butter

  • 85 kr
    Korean Fried Potatoes

    gochujang glaze, kimchi emulsion

  • 65 kr
    Cabbage Salad

    with lime dressing

  • 50 kr
    Steamed Rice


  • 65 kr
    Miso ice cream

    vanilla based ice cream flavored with white miso paste

  • 65 kr

    tonight's flavor

  • 110 kr
    Home Made Snickers

    nougat, caramel, peanuts and hazelnuts

  • 105 kr
    Fried Dumpling

    Dulce de leche, galangal and salty pistachios

  • 55 kr
    Mini Chocolate Cone

    chocolate cone filled with white chocolate ganache

  • 115 kr
    Plant Based Cheesecake

    apple and yuzu coulis, almonds, dates, sesame crisp